Mp3Player 3.62

MP3 player with personalizable background images


  • Very easy to use
  • Attractive, skinable user interace


  • Very few options

Not bad

Mp3Player is designed to be a simple, hassle-free alternative to the default Symbian music player. It allows you to enjoy your tunes without having to think too much about how to play them

Make no mistake about it, Mp3Player is incredibly easy to use. The interface is divided into just two tabs. The first, 'Main', displays the details of the track that's currently playing, including the name, artist, album, track length, bitrate, and whether it's in mono or stereo.

To start or pause playback you just hit the control button. Skipping through songs is a little more difficult though and requires some dexterity to hold down the ABC/stick button and press the joystick left or right.

The 'Files' tab in Mp3Player offers a simple viewer, which automatically detects and displays your music files, and comes with its own search feature.

One of the best things about Mp3Player is the fact that it's skinable. You can choose any image stored on your phone and use this as a background to the app, meaning you can have a different MP3 player every day.

Ultimately, however, Mp3Player is little more than just a pretty face. It fails to provide anything other than the most basic playback controls. You won't see anything like a graphic equalizer, advanced playlist editing or cover art, for instance.

If you're looking for a very simple way to enjoy music on your phone, Mp3Player will oblige - just don't expect anything too exciting.



Mp3Player 3.62

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